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I was driving down the Street and I had this vision of myself in a… - the_tonaka_box [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 4th, 2006|03:32 pm]
I was driving down the Street and I had this vision of myself in a hospital bed. I had all these tubes in me. Around the bed were my girlfriend and some friends. This lead me to feel like I was in critical condition. Not doing well. The feeling lasted only a few seconds.

I shook my head and went on driving. 20-30 seconds later I came to a red light and came to a stop behind another car. I was just waiting for the green and listening to the radio when I saw two headlights launch over the curb from behind and real close to my car. The lights were attached to a full sized mini-van. Oxymoron? Anyway. The van had jumped the curb and was now driving on a lawn.

I was feeling some shock at this point. I looked in the driver’s window and saw him gripping the wheel and trying to stop.

My light went green and I began to accelerate. Still in shock I was little confused. I was moving forward but I kept thinking, get out and go talk to the driver. See if he is ok. I was a few hundred meters ahead by the time I came to my senses. I hit a turning lane, came back around and when got back over to the spot he was gone. I saw another car pull over and stop staring at where he mounted the lawn and just missed me.

When I got home about 20 mins later I filed a police report. They sent out dispatch on my description of the van and driver. They said that if they make an arrest I’ll be called to court as an eye witness.

Premonitions never seem to be less freaky as live moves ahead.